Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hi Hi Hi again from Japan

How are you?

I am fine and I live in Japan. I came back to Japan from USA almost one years ago.

I did not try to write this site for one year in English. But I change my mind.

I have strong mind to write my dialy in English here. Please post your kind mind on me with useing this site.

I lost many English words, it is still hard for me to write blog in English. So your every advice helps me so much.

to My friedns


Tracy said...

Hi Mari,

I am sorry to hear you are sad. Please enjoy your life back in Japan. I have so many friends I also had to say goodbye to in Japan and don't get to see them anymore. How is the running? I did a triathlon last year (a short one) and had so much fun. I will try again this year. I was playing tennis but hurt my shoulder so I am playing old-lady tennis. AAHHHHHH!!!!

Kei is graduating this year and going to NYC to a design school. How are your kids doing?

Please say hi to your husband. Tracy

How are you? said...

Hi Tracy

How have you been ? your wemons society still doing well?
Did you read my Japanese blog? I believe you keep your high level japanese skills and words. Yes, I am so sad now. My istructer, Mr Severin gave me many many advice to my life. If I did not see him, I would not be a teacher in Japan.
You know well about my college life in USA, I made much efforts to learn in my class and I always had some problems about it ,too. But that is one of my best momories in USA.
By the way, I still run and play tennis here. Japanese tennis coach is so good so I improve more about plying tennis. hahahahaha!!

Thank you for your comments. I am so happy to keep our friendship.