Friday, May 29, 2009

Japanese Hospital

My son has to take surgery. He played Rugby ( he is Rugger boy now ) at his high school , and his team-mate tackled him. Unfortunately, he had feel pain at that time, he went to the small hospital whch located near his high school.

A doctor said to him , you have to go to more big hospital because you have tumor in your sholderborn.

I and my son started to go Japanese big hospital. the first hospital, we arrived there at 7:30
in the morning and finshed all treatmets ( taking MRI picture etc) at PM 3:30. The docter said , you have to go more big hospital .

We went to Tohoku Univercity Hospital next day , we arrived there at AM 7:20 in the morning and finished all treatments ( including taking CT picture ,blod test etc) at PM:4.00.

I paied $10 as fee of parking my car. (because of long time parking )

We spent our much time for just waitting. In Japanese style , if we are not there when a nuruse call my sons name , our tun has gone and never back.

we just sat down on the small chairs.

I do belive a big hospital in japan make a new serious patient because of the waitting time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hi Hi Hi again from Japan

How are you?

I am fine and I live in Japan. I came back to Japan from USA almost one years ago.

I did not try to write this site for one year in English. But I change my mind.

I have strong mind to write my dialy in English here. Please post your kind mind on me with useing this site.

I lost many English words, it is still hard for me to write blog in English. So your every advice helps me so much.

to My friedns

Friday, June 6, 2008

First sterp

Let's start to make my blog today.

I am so sad now because I have to say 'good -bye' my friends in USA. I want to keep in touch with them forever.

Do you hear my voice from my broken heart?

Please help me. Check my blog and post your voice.